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La Floresta Park

La Floresta is a natural park of 40,000 square meters extension. It is situated on the bed of the ravine Huron, which runs through the town. The walls of the ravine, covered with ferns and stalactites, hanging houses built on them, the varied and lush vegetation and waterfalls, make this place an unusual and beautiful area.

Perhaps the name of our people was born in La Floresta. Probably Romans, taking advantage of the freshness of shaded sites and continuous and abundant flow of water from several springs, built their Vivarium of fish. The park has several sports facilities (tennis courts), games for children ...

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El Sargal

Located on the left margin of the Palancia and embedded in its valley, it is this wonderful place, surrounded by mountains.

Highlights are the Sargal Caves, a group of cavities that form a broad front, beautiful and attractive. They served as shelter to the first settlers of the area, from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Neolithic. Geologically they were formed by the action of water of the Ponton fountain. There karst formations of interest.

It has barbecue sites and pic-nic tables, to spend the day with family or friends.


San Miguel (Saint Michael)

It is the most important spring of all the municipality, with a flow rate of 200 liters per second. It is located 1 km. the town in a cozy site.

Next to the spring, is the old mill called 'Aguas Blancas', currently place to host groups of school camps, and beside it, attracts our attention a dizzying drop of water that moved the ancient mill. It is an excellent place to spend a day outdoors, enjoying the coolness of moving water.


Saint Roque Hermitage and Mountian

Dominating the town of Viver is located the hermitage of San Roque, located on top of the mountain of the same name. Especially important on August 16th because, in a festive atmosphere, we all meet there after the traditional ascent to the mountain.

Do not miss the perfect views of the town, from the viewpoint that there is on this mountain. It has for the people of Viver a sentimental and religious value.

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