Route 4: "La Torre" (The Tower) and "El Sargal"

The proposed route takes us to various points of historical interest located near Viver, in the area of the Palancia River. Although the route is short in terms of walking, will deal a good time to visit the area and enjoy its landscapes or views. We use old roads, although most of them are currently suitable for vehicles and paved, but transited only in local use./h4>

Data sheet:

Length: 4,3 Km. (2.67 miles).
Approximate duration: 50 minutes of walking.
Considerations of the route: The route has almost no difficulty, although the stretch after the Torre can be easy to miss, so it is convenient to be vigilant.

Basic route description:

We leave Viver from the Chorrillo park by the Oliveral road (asphalt), which will continue for a while, enjoying the green orchards that surround us, and the walls and rough stone terraces. A ten minutes walk will see the ruins of a tower that stands on a small hill to the left, over there we go. So we've arrived almost at its height, taking a wide path of land that is directed towards it. Soon we leave the road and continue along a path between terraces which is directed towards the Tower.

The Tower, which is quite destroyed, still has a strong base seated on a large stone slabs. Surely it is a building of Arab origin of the twelfth century whose mission was monitoring a step above the river. From here we are offered a splendid view. Viver north, behind the mountain of San Roque. A little more to the right highlights the Caves of Sargal, and in between we can guess the Caves or Corrales de Gallur. We have the mountains east of La Muela, with its watchtower. Southbound have a small hill known as Cerro del Grillo. But most of all have a splendid view over the orchards of Viver from which we can enjoy placidly.

From the tower, let down between some fields of abandoned olive trees, towards the watchtower Muela Mountain. When we reached slabs stones with holm, we look to the left a deteriorating path that goes between fields. Soon we come to a crossroads of land, take the second right going down, and that has small cobbled sections. Below it is a narrow path but in good condition, bordering a care field, as we walk in the shade of holm oaks. We reach a paved track (River Road), parallel to the river, and continue to the right. About 200 meters we reached the ruins next to the river: the old Factory of Light, now abandoned and quite shabby. To make matters worse the place was used as a waste dump. In the factory we can still see the old irrigation ditch, and the highest waterfall used to drive turbines.

From the Factory of Light and return go back to the way back down towards Viver, until we reached the place of Sargal, with its copious fountain, caves inhabited in prehistoric times, and places for recreation.

To return to Viver we will use the old way of "Ponton" or "river" of which a very interesting part is preserved. We came back where we arrived, we pass aSargal stone signal, and about 20 meters ahead on the right we find a road that runs between two high walls of rough stone, and along which runs a ditch. We came to a leafy corner and water. We follow the old road, which climb winding between two walls of rough stone. Careful not to go down a path to the left, but rather follow the path with slabs marking the route. We passed over Gallur pens that take advantage of some small caves in the stone, which highlight some curious natural stone columns. Soon we reach a dirt road, we take the right, then the path of Oliveral (asphalt), which on the right leads to Viver, entering the Chorrillo park.

The Caves of Sargal

The "Cuevas del Sargal" are an important Neolithic archaeological site with abundant remains, as mentioned in several articles published in the early twentieth century. Unfortunately these residues are not retained and also the site has been systematically pillaged. This is a series of caves, dens and open to a front formed by tuffaceous limestone low height, located on the left bank of the river Palancia. As reflected in a 1929 publication "Annals of the Center of Valencian Culture", the materials collected by Ribelles (master) and Guillen (medical) lords were composed of “ … three silex knives a polished ax two bone awls, remains of humans and other animals …”.

In these caves you can also observe an epilithic figure. It is a stylized representation of a human figure engraved on a rock outdoors.

Nowadays the whole place is one of the main recreational areas of Viver, having recently acted and providing it with paelleros, shaded areas, tables, access to the caves by stairs carved in the rough , etc.

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