Route 3: "Los Ojos del Prao" and "San Miguel"

Through this short route we approach the nice places San Miguel water spring, and the curious Ojos del Prao spring, two of the most plentiful of Viver. We take the opportunity to walk a little more, walking among orchards and dry farming.

Technical sheet:

Length: 6 Km. (3.73 miles).
Approximate duration: 1:15 walking hours..
Route considerations: The route has no difficulty as to the roads. The two springs emerge in the open, so we ask maximum respect for and care of their waters and environments.

NOTE: The path is indicated in the direction Viver, San Miguel, Ojos del Prao, Viver, but can also be performed in the opposite direction. As walking between cultivated fields, there are many paths and crosses; it is necessary to be alert to signs (green and white) during the tour.

Basic route description:

The route takes us to two important springs of Viver: San Miguel and Ojos del Prado. We will also take the opportunity to walk among peaceful gardens and dry farming, many of which are unfortunately abandoned, accompanied by the constant and pleasant presence of water.

We start from the top of the town, specifically from the Mosen Villar fountain and park . We leave Aguas Blancas Street, towards the hostel salmon that we distinguish at the bottom (Santa Maria de Aguas Blancas). We went through two fountains, the latter is true Mosen Villar fountain (the other and park fountain and correspond to the same spring and therefore have the same name).

About 50 meters after turn right, next to a laundry area. Bordering the hostel on the left, we will go up stairs, parallel to the cascade of Aguas Blancas, whose waters once moved an oil mill: the mill "La Señorita". When you reach a road, we turn right, passing the the hostel reception.

Soon we reached a new raft water storage, which we border passing a large poplar tree: on this site was located the old chapel of San Miguel (order of the Minimums), of which today no trace remains. A few meters ahead, before some houses, we turn right to a path between terraces, zigzagging leading us to the spring of San Miguel, beautiful and pleasant place provided with tables and barbecue facilities.

From San Miguel we came out by the paved road up (West); at the first crossing we continue to the right. We left a flat area that is flooded during rainy seasons: The Balsar, and at the bottom in the mountains of Ragudo, the presence of recent wind turbines.

Before reaching a large ship (mink farm), we take a narrow road to the right that brings us closer to the Tejería Fountain and the 'El Cristo' Farmhouses (Masías del Cristo). Carefully cross the national road N-234 (currently with little traffic) to the 'El Cristo' Fountain and restaurant, and continue along the roadside about 100 meters to the west.

We follow right along a dirt road, which soon crosses the Magallán irrigation channel (which carries the waters of the Ojos del Prao). In front we see the new viaduct of the A-23 highway. Soon we reached the turnoff sign posted for the return to Viver, but before taking it, continue between walls of rough stone, turn left into the driveway, and came to a area where we find the "Ojos del Prao" curious holes on the ground, which springs water. You can go down which is located further west.

To go back to Viver, we return to the nearest marked turnoff and continue along a path that runs along the Cazolón Cave and narrow terraces, abandoned today. We went down to another terrace and continue along tracks (careful at various crosses). We crossed Magallán irrigation channel again, continuing along roads that are actually entrances to fields. We cross areas with palm crops (atypical among ancient crops of walnut trees, olive trees, almond trees and orchards). In the background we distinguish the antennas of San Roque Mountain.

We walk between a farm and next to the ruins of the Cirilo mill, where the waterfall (water from Ojos del Prao) is. In a new crossroads we turn right on paved road, and after crossing the national highway N-234 by underpass, we continue to the left to arrive soon to the Mosen Villar park and fountain.

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