Ojos Negros Greenway runs trough Viver

In this way passed the Old Railway Sierra Menera, which was used to transport coal and minerals from Ojos Negros (Teruel) to the blast furnaces of Sagunto. Today, it has become a quiet walk, exclusively for vehicles without engine.

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In the following link you will find detailed information, with the most interesting points of the Greenway (Vía Verde), route description, maps and history of the old railway.

More information about the Greenway

How to access to the Greenway from Viver?

From Viver, you can access the Greenway, in several ways. Here we present two if you want to go to Barracas, we recommend Access 1 (ATTENTION !: In rainy season, the road may not be passable, in this case we recommend 1B Access), and if you want to go Altura or Segorbe we recommend the Access 2.

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