Route 3: The national crackdown on Viver


Medium path route whose distance can vary depending on whether we start the tour in the old town or if we travel by car to the place of the remains. In any case, consider the kilometers to go, wear appropriate clothing and footwear and learn about the weather.
Some places may have a somewhat complicated access. Avoid entering into bunkers and unmarked areas.
If you go by bicycle or car, respects walkers.
Please respect nature and heritage.

ragudo1In the spring-summer of 1938, Viver, would become an object of desire for National troops.

The offensive that they had begun on Valencia previous April 23rd, took them in mid-July, to the powerful Republican defenses anchored in the mountains of Viver .

ragudo1In his desperate attempt to cross them, the Italian CTV Divisions (Divisions "March XXIII, Littorio and Mixed Brigade" Blue Arrows ") acted in front, and the Army Corps of the Turia and Liaison Detachment did so by right and left flanks respectively.

ragudo1Despite the power of the attack that had the invaluable help of Hispanic and Legionary aviations, Republican defenses in Viver were never overtaken until the end of the War.

After the fighting, a powerful fortified line that ran parallel to the Republican line was created. The common denominator of this line is the use of reinforced concrete bunkers.

Mapa Ruta 3

Interesting fact:

This defensive line ran between Almenara in Castellon and Santa Cruz de Moya, in Cuenca, and more than 10,000 construction workers were employed, mostly volunteers from nearby towns. It was used for its construction, numerous mines material such as jackhammers and dynamite.

Landmarks Civil War located in the town.

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